February 9, 2009

With Love, From Monty

Hello to my fandom!

My name is Monty, although, my temporary mom sometimes calls me Sir Montague. I am "the dog who lived" (for those of you who are Potter fans), otherwise known as the "train-wreck dog from New Jersey." I wanted to let you all know that I am feeling so much better after my accident even tho I have a long way to go until I can find a forever home.

Also, I want to thank all of you dear two-footed people who donated money toward my doctor bills and medicines. Mom says after my back is healed more I am going to get a wheelchair... not sure what that is, but she promised me I would really like it. Thank you one and all!

Mom says I should tell you some of the details about all my boo-boos since it's been 6 weeks since the accident. Well, first of all, my skull fracture seems to be completely healed and you can hardly even see the scar on my head any more. All the doctors said I had two fractures in my back, one of which made my backend paralyzed. I can't tell when I have to "go" and I continually wet the bed. I just HATE that, so every chance I get, I "walk" across the floor to get away from the mess until mom changes the bedding; mom is doing A LOT of laundry! I have a "changing pad" just like a baby, and mom routinely attempts to empty my bladder for me. It is so-o-o-o undignified, but I love my mom for doing it.

In addition to all that, I have a urinary tract infection and two bedsores. One of the bedsores is almost completely healed, but the other one is pretty nasty, and mom keeps putting medicine on it. Soon, I am going to get different medicine to treat the heartworms that I got 'cause nobody took such good care of me before. If that wasn't enough, I have an ear that is floppy due to a previously untreated ear infection, and it keeps getting gunky and needs to be cleaned out several times each week. It itches like heck, and mom rubs my ears a lot which I really like.

I can sit up now and often do, so I can better schmooze mom. I also give her high five and show my belly for some nice belly-rubs. She thinks I am really, really smart, but she ain't seen nothing yet!

I gotta tell you, this foster home stuff is pretty cool. I have 4 other temporary brothers and sisters, but one of them is waiting for her forever home too. They don't pay very much attention to me, tho. I guess I'm not much fun right now. I get two really yummy meals every day with lots of goodies in between. Mom thinks she is hiding those rotten tasting meds in there, but I don't care. I especially like the home-made peanut butter treats.

I hope you all will keep praying for my continued improvement. Best wishes and thank you again!

Love, Monty

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  1. I saw monty 24 hours after he was hit at Dr Negrins hospital. She knew this dog was worth fighting for and she did everything in her power to save him, thanks to her Monty got the chance he needed and so deserved. Thanks you to everyone who has stepped up for him and continues to pray that he can continue on his road to recovery, he will make probably suprise us all.. Nancy